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Eric Ehlers

As the owner of Super Clean, there are a few things we would like you to know that will help to build your confidence and trust in what we do. Super Clean has tremendous experience and has been operating in the Castle Rock area for more than ten years. We provide residential and commercial window cleaning, but not only that, we are experienced high-rise window cleaners as well. And our mission is to provide you with both professional and punctual service. We take pride in our work, so accomplishing a job at the highest standard is the expectation of all our window cleaning technicians. To attest to these facts, please read our untainted reviews. We would be happy to take care of your windows, and we will bring along with us our experience and technique to get your property looking its absolute best.

eric ehlers

Eric Ehlers


A midwestern boy that came from humble beginnings. Eric loves to serve and to watch his team serve others. Coffee and pizza are two things he can’t get enough of in life and although he loves this state of Colorado, if he’s on vacation, then he’s on the beach.


Matt Foster


Matt is our field manager and unofficial ‘VP of company culture’. Patriarch, coach, mother-hen, whatever you want to call it; Matt is a natural leader and keeps a watchful eye on the team. Matt started cleaning windows on a resort property in Colorado Springs when he was 16 as a summer job. Once he found out the job could be done while swinging around on a rope, he never stopped. Now, with over 20 years experience cleaning windows, both residential and commercial high rise, he’s probably spending more time playing fetch with your dog than cleaning your windows. Just kidding, kind of.


Garret Trujillo


What we love about Garret is that he’s always smiling, always optimistic, always looking out for the team. In fact, Garret displays our core values so well its almost like he was used for the mold.

A native of New Mexico, Garret started cleaning windows at a young age and soon realized how satisfying it is to make windows sparkle and shine. Following in his fathers footsteps of being a jack of all trades, Garret has mastered high-rise, storefront, and residential window cleaning. Garret LOVES being outdoors – camping, four wheeling, you name it and he’s there for it!




Tony Ernst

Tony Ernst

Tony loves to work, he loves it! Not only on the job, or at the gym, but Tony puts his full effort into whatever is in front of him. On the other hand, a lazy day of sitting on the couch, watching a documentary with a big bowl of Blue Bell cookies n’ cream makes him just as happy. One of Tony’s fondest memories from childhood is when his dad would pick him up from school on an electric scooter while letting him control the throttle, and enjoying a happy meal with his mom every Friday. When he’s not killing it at Super Clean, he can be found rock climbing, backpacking, slacklining, snowboarding, yoga, and going to a local park with his girlfriend and dog to play fetch!

Geo Cardenas

Geo Cardenas

Geo first and foremost is a climber. He loves being on the ropes and heights. He loves helping people and happy customers make him excited to work hard everyday! A nature enthusiast of all sorts he loves being outside with his family. The key to his heart is surprising him with muffins in the morning.

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