How to Prepare Your Home for Window Cleaning

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Getting your windows professionally cleaned can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home. However, before your window cleaning service arrives, there are a few things you can do to make the process go more smoothly. Here are some tips on how Denver homeowners can prepare their homes for a professional window cleaning service:

Clear the area around the windows

The first thing you should do is remove any furniture or other obstacles from around the windows. This will make it easier for the window cleaners to access the windows and avoid any accidents or damage to your property. Move any indoor or outdoor furniture away from the windows, and trim any shrubs or plants that may obstruct the view.

Remove window treatments

If you have any blinds, curtains, or other window treatments, remove them prior to the window cleaning service. This will make it easier for the cleaners to reach the windows and ensure that the entire window is cleaned properly. Make sure to store your window treatments in a safe and secure place until the cleaning is complete.

Inform the cleaners of any special instructions or concerns

If you have any specific concerns about your windows or any special instructions for the cleaning process, make sure to inform the cleaning company prior to their arrival. For example, if you have windows that are difficult to access or have specific cleaning requirements, let the cleaners know so that they can plan accordingly.

Secure your pets

If you have pets, make sure they are secured in a safe and separate area of your home during the window cleaning service. This will prevent any accidents or disruptions during the cleaning process and ensure the safety of your pets and the cleaning technicians.

Remove any screens

If you have window screens, remove them prior to the cleaning service. This will allow the cleaners to access the windows more easily and ensure that they are cleaned thoroughly. Make sure to store your screens in a safe and secure place until the cleaning is complete.

Provide clear access to the windows.

Make sure that the cleaners have clear access to the windows by unlocking any gates or doors that may be blocking their path. If you have a security system, make sure to provide the cleaners with the necessary codes or access to your home.

By following these tips, you can help to ensure that your window cleaning service goes smoothly and without any unnecessary delays or complications. By preparing your home in advance, you can help the cleaning technicians to complete their work more efficiently and effectively and ensure that your windows are cleaned to the highest standards.

At Super Clean, we take pride in providing top-quality window cleaning services to our Denver customers. If you have any questions or concerns about preparing your home for our window cleaning service, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping you make your windows sparkle!

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