Understanding Building Anchor Requirements for High-Rise Window Cleaning

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As a building owner, ensuring the safety and compliance of your high-rise window cleaning contractors is of utmost importance. One critical aspect of this process involves the proper maintenance and certification of building anchors. In this blog post, we’ll outline the responsibilities of both building owners and contractors in regard to building anchors and the documentation required to ensure a safe and compliant work environment.

Responsibilities of Building Owners and Contractors

According to OSHA regulations, both building owners and window cleaning contractors share the responsibility of ensuring that building anchors are safe and properly maintained. Here’s a breakdown of the requirements:

  1. Certification of Anchors: The building owner must provide the Contractor with a certification of the anchors. This certification typically involves a load test, which requires an engineer’s stamp to confirm that the anchors can safely bear the weight and forces they are designed to handle.
  2. Annual Inspections: After the initial load test, building anchors must be inspected annually for years two through nine. These annual inspections are a dual responsibility; the building owner must provide the inspection report before work can commence, and the contractor must ensure that they have received this information from the building owner before beginning any work on the building.

Required Documentation

When working with contractors for high-rise window cleaning, building owners must be prepared to provide two essential forms of documentation:

  1. Load Test Report: This report confirms that the building anchors have passed a load test and have been certified by an engineer. This document is crucial for establishing the initial safety and reliability of the anchors on your building.
  2. Annual Inspection Sheet: This sheet provides a record of the annual inspections conducted on the building anchors. It’s essential to maintain and update this documentation each year to demonstrate that the anchors have been regularly inspected and continue to meet safety standards.


As a building owner, it’s crucial to understand your responsibilities in ensuring the safety of high-rise window cleaning contractors. By providing proper certification and annual inspection documentation for your building anchors, you can help create a safe work environment for all involved. If you have any questions or concerns about your building’s anchor system, be sure to consult with a qualified engineer or reach out to us at Super Clean for further guidance.

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